Maral Holding

Maral Holding as the largest trailer production chain in Iran consists of the following companies

Mehvar Sazan Chi Chest Co.: The largest manufacturer of axles and axles parts, trailer parts in the Middle East under the FOX brand

Maral Sanat Javid Co.: Manufacturer of trailers in various uses with the MARAL brand

Maral Yadak Co.: Manufacturer of trailer parts and accessories with TSP brand

Rostami Trailer Technical Services and After Sales Co.: Located in Tehran and its activity is marketing, selling parts and providing all technical services in Tehran and other cities with more than 40 authorized centers.

Orum Spota Food Industry Complex: Manufacturer of fruit concentrates, juices and tomato paste

This holding was established in 1989 by Mr. Reza Rostami in Urmia on a land with an area of 6000 square meters. Maral Holding with experienced and experienced personnel and with the help of production lines and advanced machinery is now able to produce more than 5000 trailers per year with various applications in more than 20 groups, as well as a variety of axles and trailer boxes and more than hundreds of types of parts. The use of these trailers is based on the latest international standards.

This industrial complex with an area of more than 250,000 square meters and halls with an area of 100,000 square meters has the largest and most complete production lines of trailers, axles, tool boxes and trailer parts in Iran and continues to operate with employment for 1300 people.

We are proud of the trailer industry by adopting 17 national standards (holding the national mark for all production products), the Global Fuel Transportation Standard (ADR) and the standard for liquefied petroleum gas storage and distribution with ISO 9001: 1000. : 2018, ISO 10004: 2018 and ISO 14001: 2015, the standard of the National Gas Company and the Union of Gas Consumers of Russia and CIS countries, we have raised the name of Iranian production.

Maral Holding has repeatedly proved its ability at the national level by winning important titles such as sample exporter, sample unit and top producer, as well as receiving the national mark. Has the world at the top of its trade policies.

In this industrial group, based on the needs of customers, special orders are designed and produced based on the latest technologies in the world and using the parts of the top European brands, which is in close competition with foreign samples.

Each product in this holding is designed with the smallest details in the technical and engineering unit and in production lines under the supervision of experienced engineers with the latest manufacturing technologies, production and quality control and testing with the most accurate equipment.

Maral Trailer Holding, as the largest trailer production chain in the country, also offers this success in foreign markets and exports it to European, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, and plays a role in the cycles of Iran's economy.

In 2020, the company was able to become the largest producer of this product in the region and Asia by launching a new production line of liquefied gas tankers, and with an annual production of 2000 units, in addition to domestic needs, a large part of this product to Asian countries and European export.

Maral Holding was also able to enter the food industry in the same year with the launch of the Orum Spota food industry complex, and also to enter the market with products such as various fruit concentrates, juices and tomato paste. Also, this company is one of the 8 companies producing carrot concentrate in the world and has a high importance in this industry.

Maral Trailer Holding, with the great efforts of its craftsmen, in its long-term plan, aims to become the largest producer of trailers and trailer parts and service machinery in the Middle East, and is moving forward with confident steps in this direction.